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Modibodi® Period Underwear - Classic, Light-Moderate, Menstruatie Ondergoed

Modibodi® Period Underwear - Classic, Light-Moderate, Menstruatie Ondergoed

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Modibodi Menstruatie Ondergoed underwear you wear when you have your period. Modibodi is leak free, it absorbs your period so you do not need to wear tampons or pads. You will feel comfortable and dry all day. 

This style is designed for when your period is light, it holds the same amount of blood as 2 tampons. The style is a comfortable style and in a few colours.

Modibodi Menstruatie Ondergoed period underwear also absorbs sweat and urine. 

Perfect for - The first and last days of your period - when your period is light - holds 1-2 teaspoons, replaces 2 tampons.
Benefit - Comfortable bikini style, absorbs sweat and discharge as well as period so your won't smell - no-one will know!
On me it feels - Comfortable, the gusset is smaller as it is for light days but you will feel dry and secure. 
Positive - Reusable again and again - simply rinse, gentle wash, hang dry and wear! Create less waste, contribute to less waste, and a better future every bodi

Please see Modibodi washing instructions here 

Modibodi was founded in Australia it is the ORIGINAL Period Underwear, tried and tested. Modibodi are committed to offering sustainable products that are kind to people and planet. 

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