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Modibodi - innovative Menstruation underwear for women and girls of all ages and sizes. Modibodi offers a range of leak-proof, moisture-wicking, and eco-friendly underwear and swimwear options for women of all ages and lifestyles. Choose Modibodi, better for your body, better for the planet!

Find your style.. menstruation underwear for any occasion

Menstruation Underwear for Sporting

These are our favorite styles for sporting, whether you are an equestrian,... 

Period Underwear for School or Work

These styles are suitable to wear all day. They absorb maximum amount... 

Stay Dry and Protected - Underwear for sleeping

Avoid leaks on the sheets and mattress with these styles that are... 

Teen Favorites - A selection of great gift ideas and from our best sellers.

  • About Denise - owner of Girls Matters

    I am Denise.. born in Ireland, living in The Netherlands with my gorgeous Dutch husband and family. Leuk! Our family came together in sunny Australia. And together we moved back to The Netherlands in 2016. My Dutch is not so good (Nederlands is en moelijk taal) but you can choose to shop in English or Dutch! You can communicate with us in Dutch! And our socials will be mostly in Dutch!

    I hope that clears up the language question!

  • What do we do?

    Girls Matters wants to find the best products that help make the puberty years as easy and enjoyable as possible. We have a big focus on menstruation and teens.. because well periods are stressful and we want to provide all the solutions!

  • What else?

    Inspired by all things Australian, Girls Matters wants to show you something different! If you need a great gift for a friend/sibling or anyone really, some potions and lotions that are perfect for puberty changing skin, maybe some jewellery or even a water bottle to fit in your bag.. we will find it and we try to find the products that are kind for the planet!

    If you have a suggestion and want us to stock something just hit the contact us button!

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