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Modibodi® Period Underwear - Boyleg Cut - Light-Moderate, Menstruatie Ondergoed

Modibodi® Period Underwear - Boyleg Cut - Light-Moderate, Menstruatie Ondergoed

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Modibodi Menstruatie Ondergoed, Leak Proof Period Underwear Boyleg  style, absorbs light to moderate blood flow. If you are starting your period, this style is perfect for that time. The fit is a boyshort which gives maximum coverage. This fit is a great style for when you are playing sport or exercising. 
Benefit - No sweaty patches, no period leaks, no smell, absorbs sweat leaks and discharge. 
On me it feels - With extra coverage around the bum area you feel more secure especially when being active, like horseriding or cycling. You will remain dry and your underwear will feel secure.
Positive - reduces landfill, less disposable pads and liners and tampons - contributing to a better future for every bodi

  • This Boyleg style is super comfortable and great for wearing for sports.
  • Modibodi feels and fits like regular underwear but it has a special patented antimicrobial lining to absorb leaks and fight odour and bacteria
  • Rinse first, gentle cold machine wash, hang to dry, reuse, and repeat. (No fabric softeners or stain removers, please.)
  • Proudly owned and designed in Australia by real people with leaks
  • Make the change, better for the environment, and better for you. 

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