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Modibodi® Menstruation Underwear - Active Brief for Light Flow

Modibodi® Menstruation Underwear - Active Brief for Light Flow

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Do you have discharge or just a very light period? Modibodi Active Underwear is the one to wear.

A gym bag essential, Modibodi Active Underwear, feel cool, fresh and dry in the Active Brief it is made from breathable moisture wicking Merino wool! Wear when going for a run, jumping on the trampoline or when you have a weak bladder and even a sneeze causes a leak! 

Are you an equestrian? Modibodi Active Underwear is a really great style for horseriding to ensure there are no accidents. 

  • No sweaty patches,
  • no period leaks,
  • no smell,
  • absorbs sweat leaks and discharge
  • Sport underwear
  • moisture wicking 

Making the change to Modibodi you are saving a whole lot of things from landfill, it is really a positive change for the benefit of the planet. 

Modibodi Sizing - please see the following charts for sizing - but also email us here if you need more information 

Returns Policy for Modibodi here 

Please read all about Modibodi and how it really works here

Really Important - We want you to get the best out of your Modibodi so please read our washing instructions  here 


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