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Modibodi® Period Swimwear One-Shoulder One Piece - Recycled - Light Moderate

Modibodi® Period Swimwear One-Shoulder One Piece - Recycled - Light Moderate

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Stylish, Comfortable and so flattering on all shapes - Modibodi Menstruation Swimsuit - one piece.

Holds your menstruation in your swimwear, no leak, no need for tampons or pads.

We love love love the Modibodi Menstruation Swimsuit One Shoulder: The perfect combination of style, comfort, and period protection.

This innovative swimsuit is designed to provide a worry-free swimming experience during your menstrual cycle.

Featuring Modibodi's advanced absorbent technology, the swimsuit offers leak-proof protection, allowing you to enjoy your time at the beach or pool without any concerns.

A feminine style made from high-quality and sustainable materials, the Modibodi Menstruation Swimsuit One Shoulder is both functional and eco-friendly.

Say goodbye to disposable period products and embrace the convenience and sustainability of Modibodi's menstrual swimwear. Dive into the water with confidence and enjoy your period without missing out on the joy of swimming.

Absorbency: 10ml, 1-2 tampons 
For: Swimming with spotting, light flow and bladder leaks or as extra protection on heavy days.

  • Fits and feels like your favourite swimwear, but with a mind-blowing concealed lining to absorb light period or pee both in and out of the water
  • One shoulder design hugs your body in all the right places, while feeling supportive and comfortable on the bust
  • Replaces the need for disposable pads, tampons and liners at the beach or pool
  • Pre-consumer recycled fabric means less waste heading to landfill – and less energy use
  • Chlorine-resistant
  • Rinse first, gentle cold machine wash, hang to dry, reuse, repeat
  • To activate your Modibodi’s magic powers, wash before use

CARE: Please read our FAQ for how to wash and care for your Modibodi. 

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