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ModibodiRED® Bundle - Moisture Wicking and Menstruation Underwear

ModibodiRED® Bundle - Moisture Wicking and Menstruation Underwear

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** This pack contains 3 underwear, 2 Moisture Wicking (0ml) 1 Period Underwear (15ml), moisture wicking underwear is suitable for wearing every day, but does not absorb menstruation. 

Modibodi Menstruation Underwear Pack containing 3 pairs of ModibodiRED period underwear. 

Period Underwear for Teenagers gives protection from leaks and confidence. 

Modibodi is leak proof period underwear and replaces the need to use tampons and pads. Designed to be worn during your period or if you have a weak bladder so you do not have to worry about leaking blood or urine onto your clothes. 

This Gift Pack includes;  

2x Moisture Wicking (0ml), (wear on warm sweaty days to feel dry, wear during workouts, sports etc) 

1x Moderate Heavy (15ml or 2-3 tampons)  (wear when you have your period, can be worn all day or night, will absort heavy menstruation) 

The perfect starter pack, this Modibodi Gift Pack contains 3 pairs of underwear. Presented in a really nice calico bag so making it perfect for gifting. The moisture wicking underwear is great for sporting. If you suffer from leaking or discharge it wicks away the moisture leaving you feeling dry and comfortable.

The Hipster Bikini Moderate to Heavy is our best selling style, ideal for school, sports and wearing daily, leak proof so you do not leak blood, this underwear holds it all. 

  • 2 x Moisture Wicking Underwear (perfect for sweat and discharge)
  • 1 x Hipster Bikini Moderate - Heavy Underwear 
  • Leakproof 
  • Menstruation Underwear
  • Hipster Style 

How to care for your Modibodi - Washing Instructions HERE. 

Please see our Modibodi Returns Policy HERE 


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