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Modibodi Menstruation Swimsuit - Sport Swimwear One Piece

Modibodi Menstruation Swimsuit - Sport Swimwear One Piece

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Menstruation Swimwear for women and teens.

Swimming with your period is possible! Thanks to the Modibodi Menstruation Swimsuit. Holds menstruation in your swimsuit so you can swim confident and stress free. No need for pads or tampons.

Everyday Swimwear style with Modibodi patented lining, concealed and designed to absorb light periods both in and out of the water. The worlds best menstruation swimwear for women and teens.

A sporty swimsuit suitable for everyday swimming.  A classic style with double strap, medium cut leg and scoop neck style. 

Enjoy beach days, pool days without stressing about leaking on to your towel. Modibodi Menstruation Swimsuit has you covered. 

Modibodi are at the forefront of menstruation swimwear technology - and this swimsuit is made from a hi-tech recycled fabric that has a quick dry absorbent lining. Wear whether you have a period or not - no one will ever know! 

We recommend this is for wearing on lighter period days or for extra protection when you have a heavy period. You will be protected from leaking and you don't have to worry about smell, Modibodi has a patent pending technology that takes care of that. 


  • Everyday Swimwear with Modibodi exclusive lining, concealed and designed to absorb light periods both in and out of the water.
  • A reusable alternative to disposable pads, liners or tampons.
  • To activate your Modibodi’s magic powers, wash before use.
  • Proudly designed in Australia.

Choosing Modibodi you are choosing to be kind to the earth, less landfill, less waste. 

Rinse out under the tap and pop in the washing machine 30degs, hang dry. 

Sizing Guide can be found here

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