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ModibodiRED® Menstruation Swimwear Leak Free Bikini Brief

ModibodiRED® Menstruation Swimwear Leak Free Bikini Brief

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Leak Free Period Swimwear from ModibodiRED®- designed for teenagers and tweens, girls having their first period. Leak Free period swimwear makes it possible for you to swim even when you have your period.

Modibodi Swimwear like Modibodi Menstruation underwear holds 1-2 tampons of blood and is suitable for light flow menstruation. 

The leak free period swimwear bikini bottom has patent-pending technology within the fabric that ensures your period is absorbed and does not leave a trail of blood behind you wherever you are swimming. Match it with your favorite bikini top or tankini and you are ready to go, swim in confidence.

Modibodi® are the original period underwear company. Designed in Australia by Modibodi, experts in leakproof underwear, this bikini swimwear is suitable for the beach or swimming to ensure that you don't leak when you are having your period. You don't have to miss out on swim parties or fun days out.

If you have any question about sizing please email us. 

  • Bikini Bottom 
  • Mix and Match with your own top
  • Leakproof 
  • Quick Drying
  • Rinse out in cold water and wash in low-temperature wash.

ModibodiRED and Modibodi brought to you in the Netherlands by Girls Matters.

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