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Modibodi® Period Swimwear Recycled Bikini Brief - Light/Moderate

Modibodi® Period Swimwear Recycled Bikini Brief - Light/Moderate

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Yes Menstruation Swimwear is a thing, it is not magic although you might think it is!! Thanks to a patent-pending lining designed by Modibodi you can swim in the sea, the pool, a river, the lake - wherever you like and the underwear will absorb your period blood!! 

It is almost too good to be true - but it is in fact true!!

Modibodi® Period Swim Bikini Bottoms hold your period in when you are in the pool. It absorbs up to 2 tampons of period blood and you will not need to use a tampon or a sanitary towel.

  • Made from recycled fabric 
  • UV50+ rated 
  • Chlorine Resistant
  • Quick Dry
  • Absorbs period blood and urine 

Chic and stylish the No. 1 Modibodi Menstruation Swim Bikini Bottoms can be worn with your own bikini top or why not check out our mix and match range here

No. 1 Modibodi Menstruation Swim Bikini Bottoms are made from a new and innovative recycled fabric.  Chlorine Resistant and with an SPF of UV50+ , the style is a comfortable and stylish bikini style.  The lining is designed to be fast drying which means that your period will not leak through the base layer of the swimwear.

Modibodi Menstruation Swim Undies are the no. 1 period swim pants in the world. The Original Menstruation Swimwear, designed and tested in Australia, was bought for you in the Netherlands by Girls Matters.  

By choosing No. 1 Modibodi Menstruation Swim Bikini you are reducing landfill and that is a great thing for the planet! 

For more menstruation swimwear see here 

This style suits all ages and we have small sizes available that are suitable for teens - please let us know if you need help with sizing here 

Modibodi is the absolute best solution for anyone who has a period. Disposable tampons and pads will soon be a thing of the past, unhygienic and terrible for the environment. Make the change now. 

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