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Dock & Bay Makeup Remover Pads Set of 3

Dock & Bay Makeup Remover Pads Set of 3

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We love these chemical free facial cleaning pads. Brilliant for teenage skin - no need for extra chemicals to clean your skin. These easy to use Makeup Remover Pads will do it for you just with water! 

Dock & Bay Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, add water and wipe. Easy to use and reuse. Cleans your face without using creams, great for sensitive skin, teenage breakouts! 

The perfect alternative to single-use makeup wipes, Made from soft, gentle materials, our pads effectively remove all traces of makeup, including stubborn waterproof mascara, without irritating your skin.

These pads are

  • eco-friendly,
  • machine washable
  • and reusable,
  • reducing your carbon footprint and
  • saving you money in the long run.

Each pad is double-sided, with a smooth side for gentle cleansing and a textured side for deeper exfoliation. They are perfect for use with your favorite cleanser, toner or micellar water, leaving your skin feeling clean, refreshed and makeup-free. Our pads come in a set of 3, so you always have a fresh one on hand. Upgrade your skincare routine with our reusable makeup remover pads today!

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