The Evolution of a Teen - Starting Middlebare

The Evolution of a Teen - Starting Middlebare

I start this blog post by declaring these are my words based on my personal experiences. I am not qualified to give advice or information but I am an oversharer so in general this blog content is all a big overshare! 

It is a few weeks out from Christmas, we have one child in Middlebare and one in Groep 4 and Groep 8.  Middlebare is a whole different experience both for our daughter and us! Longer Days, shorter days, various tests and homework, making new friends, first impressions, and trying to balance school and social commitments. Because it seems when you are in Middlebare you get a social life... 

I am delighted to report that my daughter got her first period just before the school year commenced, she had been worried it would happen in school but she now has her Modibodi pack, and menstruation does not cost her a thought. I am even more delighted to report that since the arrival of menstruation, the mood swings and generally evil reactions and moods from our girl have become a lot less. Pre Menstruation she often would fall apart and wonder why she was having such a reaction. It was so bizarre that whilst she would cry at the situation we would laugh and eventually she would not know if she was laughing or crying! These days about 7 days out we see the transformation from a happy teen to pre menstrual, hormonal, emotional, and unreasonable teen very quickly, it is like a light switch, the madness starts and one week later it seems to be over. 

I am researching ways to help with this fluctuation in mood, I have a stash of chocolate that comes with a hug to help naturally release the oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin that we all have at our disposal! If anyone else has any suggestions please send us an email at 

The Groep 8 (boy) is also starting with puberty - but he is a boy, cuddly, and loves his mum, the mood swings have not hit yet but he is quieter! 

Groep 4 (girl) will rule the world someday. That is all we can say about her. 

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