Period Swimwear - How does that work?

Period Swimwear - How does that work?

We often have people ask us - Period Swimwear - How does that work?

It is the Summer, and that means hopefully sunny beach or pool weather – that can also be a cause for stress – especially if you or your teen has their period – but what if we told you it does not have to be? That there is Swimwear, especially for when you are having your period?

Yes, it is true – and it is called Modibodi Swim.

Period Swimwear - How does that work?

There is a gusset in the period swimwear that absorbs your period when you’re in the water, and also when you come out of the water. When you bleed, the gusset will absorb your menstruation. The leak-proof layer of the gusset is water resistant and keeps the blood inside, so you don’t have to worry about leaking.

How Absorbent is it?

The Modibodi Period Swimwear is meant for light period days and absorbs 2 tampons worth of blood. On a light day they can be worn alone, without a tampon, pad or menstrual cup. If you’re on a heavy day, you can pair them with a tampon or a menstrual cup for extra protection from leaks.

Will people be able to tell I’m wearing period swimwear?

Nope – it looks just like your normal swimwear, we have a 1 piece that is sporty looking and a bikini bottom that you can match up with your own top. The gusset that absorbs your period isn’t chunky or bulky like a pad. The water-resistant layer prevents the water from the pool or ocean from being absorbed, so it won’t grow in size once you’re in the water.

No one will be able to tell that this isn’t just your normal swimwear!

How long can you wear them for?

How long you can wear your period swimwear will differ based on how heavy your flow is. With a lighter flow, you will be able to wear them a little bit longer. Remember, they should only be worn alone on light flow days. Wearing them alongside a tampon or menstrual cup on a heavy flow day will allow you to wear them for as long as you’re able to wear the tampon or period cup you have in.

Do they dry ok or with a wet patch?

The Modibodi swimwear is made with a dry-fast water-repellent fabric, so they dry quite quickly.  The water-resistant layer prevents the period blood from coming in contact with the outer part of the swimwear so you never have patches or stains on the outside.  

Whether you swim for pleasure or are a competitive swimmer, Modibodi Swim is highly recommended to wear during your period. 

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